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Periodicals of Implicit Cognition (PIC) is a scientific e-journal of the Implicit Laboratory Association (ImpLab) devoted to the discussion of topics related to implicit (non-conscious) cognition.

PIC is freely available under the GNU Free Documentation Licence.

ISSN number: HU ISSN 1788-8336 (online periodical)

Editor: Tamas Makany (2006- )

Year 2008

Volume 3, Issue 1

   Aczel, B. Managing Intuition I.: Why does intuition need to be educated?
   Commented by:
           * Professor Alan Brown (University of Warwick)
           * Scott Barry Kaufman (Yale University): Intuition and Creative Cognition
           * Jean E. Pretz (Illinois Wesleyan University): Accuracy of Intuition Depends on Experience and Problem Complexity 
   This work was supported by Hungarian National Eotvos Scholarship and the SZIKFA Foundation.

Year 2007

Volume 2., Issue 2., (Special Issue)

   Makany, T. & Keresztes, A. (Eds.) (2007). Proceedings of the Second ImpLab Workshop on The Role of Intuition in Decision-making and Economics. Budapest: Implicit Laboratory Association.
   In this special issue:
           * Aczel, B.: Nonconscious thinking. (pages 9-10.)
           * Komaromi, Gy.: "I want to talk about it..." - Experiments and psychology in economics and finance. (pages 5-9.)
           * Komaromi, Gy.: Intuitive decision-making in a repeated beauty contest game. (pages 13-16.)
           * Mero‘, L.: Economic psychology and behavioural economics: Will the two paradigms ever match each other? (pages 3-5.)
           * Szvetelszky, Zs.: Female intuition: A creative prognosis. (pages 11-13.)
           * Toth, B., Scalas, E., Huber, J., & Kirchler, M.: Is it worth being an informed trader? (pages 10-11.) 

Volume 2., Issue 1.,

   Ivady R.E. (2007). Implicit learning and second language acquisition. Periodicals of Implicit Cognition, 1, 1-3.
       Commented by:
           * Kormos, J.: Comments on Ivády (2007). (pages 3-4.)
           * Kovács, G.: Comments on Ivády (2007). (pages 4-5.)
           * Ottó, I.: Implicit learning and instructed SLA. (pages 5-6.) 

Year 2006

Volume 1., Issue 7.,

   Simor, P. (2006). Sleep, dreaming and memory. Periodicals of Implicit Cognition, 7, 1-4.
       Commented by:

Volume 1., Issue 6.,

   Marno, H. (2006). Szandekos es nem szandekos felidezes - avagy nem tudatos szandek? (in Hungarian). Periodicals of Implicit Cognition, 6, 1-??.
       Commented by:

Volume 1., Issue 5.,

   Keresztes, A. (2006). Optimality and cognition 2: Evolutionary economics and implicit cognition. Periodicals of Implicit Cognition, 5, 1-??.
       Commented by:

Volume 1., Issue 4,

   Makany, T. (2006). Optimality and cognition: Shortest paths and smartest brains. Periodicals of Implicit Cognition, 4, 1-3.
       Commented by:
           * Gold, D.: Using the definitions of efficiency and efficacy provided some comments. (pages 3-4.)
           * Parker, M.: Optimality and reinforcement choice: 'Trade offs' between motivation and ecological context. (pages 4-5.) 

Volume 1., Issue 3,

   Keresztes, A. (2006). Implicit emlekezeti folyamatok es a gatlas. (in Hungarian) Periodicals of Implicit Cognition, 3, 1-??. 

Volume 1., Issue 2,

   Aczel, B. (2006). A tudat evolucioja. (in Hungarian) Periodicals of Implicit Cognition, 2, 1-??. 

Volume 1., Issue 1,

   Marno, H. (2006). Pszichoanalizis es intuicio. (in Hungarian) Periodicals of Implicit Cognition, 1, 1-??.
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